An Art+Fashion brand: KLB Clothing


“A prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.”

 “Conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., especially of polite society, or conformity to it.”

“However, if you ask a fashion student or a fashion enthusiast this same question, you will probably hear answers such as:

Fashion is a way of expressing oneself,

Fashion is a form of art,


Fashion is playing around with and breaking the rules of conventional dressing.

Fashion may seem like a simple concept, but behind the word is a world full of creativity, breakthroughs, and endless possibilities.” — Bella Koshaba 

Marianata A. Sylvaince (SAM) , is a 21-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and a digital artist. She was born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti. However, she currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. When it comes to art, she tries to dabble into a little bit of everything, until she makes up her mind about her desired Art major. On this website, you will find poetry, short stories, beautifully written articles, and her art shops. Through this platform, she wishes to help shine the light on other creatives, like herself. While simultaneously publishing poetry and creating art pieces that represent her. She takes pride in her ability to feel more in-depth than others, to express herself without the fear of vulnerability or judgment. Therefore, she creates for herself and others. She creates to let her audience, those who relate to her ART know they’re not alone.

KLB Clothing is an Art+Fashion brand who’s mission is to provide it’s customers comfortability and authenticity. KLB Clothing encourages its customers to be Keen, Lively, and Bold; while simultaneously providing them with the clothing to express that.

Her newest sock collection’s theme revolves around mental health, but more specifically, hers. She poured herself and her feelings into these designs. She gave them titles which, anyone who’s experienced similar emotions could relate to.

From her “trip with me,” “breathe,” “dark hours,” “hashtag healing” socks, to the very last of them— I turned my raw emotions into potent creative fuel. She learned how to re-route my urge to impress to express myself. Drawing or painting my emotions has not been easy. It all felt so RAW, too raw to share, but I just knew my work would get to someone.

Hence, every time you look at KLB Clothing‘s socks, she hopes you are reminded to be patient with yourself, to heal, to speak your truth, to be your most authentic self and most importantly, she hopes it reminds you that you aren’t alone.